Elica Shopify Course?

In this comprehensive course, learn how to build, launch, and grow a successful online store using Shopify. From setting up your store to optimizing sales and marketing strategies, we'll cover it all.


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  • Set up and customize your Shopify store
  • Manage and optimize your products for sales
  • Implement effective marketing and promotion strategies
  • Analyze and track your store’s performance
  • Scale and grow your online business
  • Introductory Session To Dropshipping & How It Works
  • Store Design

           * Product Hunting
           * Domain
           * Ads on Tiktok
           * Facebook Ad Strategy Overview & Creative Testing

  • How to Source Products on Shopify

           * Shopify Dropshipping through Ali Expresss
           * Scaling of Business
           * Minimzing Returns
           * International Market + Local Market
           * Private Label + White label + Dropshipping
           * Suppliers Contacts

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • E-commerce beginners and experienced sellers
  • Marketing and sales professionals
  • – Anyone looking to build and grow a successful online store
  • 1.5 Months
  •      28,500
  • Earn a certificate upon completing the course.

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