Advanced Excel

Microsoft Office Excel is one of the integral, most powerful, and valuable tools in the Microsoft Office arsenal. In today's knowledge-oriented society, it is quintessential to make use of Microsoft Excel for analyzing business data. Microsoft Excel has always been a highly recommended application for business users to make simple to complex calculations, data presentation, analysis, and work efficiently and productively. Information is the raw material any organization needs, and the right kind of information at the right time will enable decision makers to act both timely & effectively. Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course, participants will be able to: Excel tips and tricks to work faster Apply advanced formulas with complex examples Create effective and professional dashboards Gather and transform data from multiple sources Discover and combine data in mashups Learn about data modelling creation and concept Explore, Analyse, and Visualize data

Advanced Excel Course Outline

Module-I – Excel Foundation 

  • Getting Started with Excel
  • Data Entry, Data Editing, and Number Formatting
  • Data Formatting
  • Managing Worksheets

Module-II – Formula | Data | Charts Concepts

  • Formula Basics & Cell References
  • Sorting & Filtering Data
  • Working with Conditional Formats
  • Working with Charts

Module-III – Using Advanced Functions

  • Working with Named Ranges
  • Using Complex Excel Functions
  • Using Multi-sheet Formulas
  • Data Validation & Protection

Module-IV – Reporting & Dashboards 

  • Business Reporting with Excel Dashboards
  • Advanced Charting & Visualizations
  • Using Sparkline Charts
  • Creating Interactive Dashboard Reports

Module-V – Working with Macros & Custom Functions 

  • Writing Customized Macros
  • Using What-If-Analysis
  • Working with Financial Functions
  • Creating Custom Excel Functions
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Marketing Decision Making
  • Supply chain Management System
  • Management Information System

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